Sprinkler System Installation

A sprinkler system can be a fine project for a do-it-yourself type of person. By taking your garden plans and following a simple layout, the project can really be completed within a week. You don’t need a landscape architect for the design as you can just do it- you can do it on your own.

Here are four techniques used by the technicians at honolulusprinkler.com for sprinkler system installation

1. Planning

Planning is the largest time consuming element in sprinkler system installation, for effective planning;

– Start planning you sprinkler system by drawing a plot of the lot on a graph paper
– Mark the points of your water spigots
– Choose the heads you intend to use based on water flow, pressure and coverage geometry. The most conventional sprinkler brands are Orbitand Rain Bird, both of which present rotor-style heads
– Once you have chosen sprinkler brands, toy them with different plans on your yard and plot your zones. You should try to reduce the number of heads per zone while maintain adequate coverage. Garden plans are essential to ensuring you map out your layout and landscape designs.

2. Purchasing Materials

The next step in sprinkler system installation involves the purchase of materials. Although the list of what you need to buy will vary, you will need PVC hosing, couplers, fittings, clamps, heads, splitters, drains and a timer. In order to test out one zone, you may consider installing a single zone first and get the installation process worked out before committing to a larger purchase for the rest of your inventory.

3. Materials and other tools needed for the installation process

– Shovel- A spade which has a handle works best.

– Glue – A standard glue is used for joining ends together.
– Knife – A knife is also needed to cut down the flex PVC
– Teflon tape – This is needed to connect threaded joins

4. Installation

PVC installation uses a method called the digging technique popularly known as “slotting” where you embed or put in spade of around 6 inches in the ground and afterward pull it back. When PVC is installed, the grass is reset once again over the funnel to totally cover it. You then can bear on the establishment by introducing tees and making the correct associations at all intersections and sprinkler head areas. Once the sprinkler heads are installed and channels and clocks attained, the framework can be tried. Every individual sprinkler head may be conformed to guarantee complete scope and the framework can be weight tried for any spilling or leakage.Once you are satisfied with the patterns, set up your timers and you’re done!